Steve Davis

Stephen A. Davis

This site is still unfinished, but hopefully the major sections will be installed by August 2007.

In the meantime, please send any writings, photos, etc. to so I can add them to the website.

Also, any comments, suggestions on layout, new sections, et. appreciated.


Alternatively, you can look at the photos (without captions) by clicking on their file names here.


Autobiographical Writings

Family (HTML)   Family (Word Document for download)
Temmie and Arnie (HTML)   Temmie and Arnie (Word Document for download)

Assorted Writings

  • Industry Announcements: Proximus Bertschulder Ltd.
  • My Favorite Recipe (1997)
  • The Eleventh Century (1997)

  • Add Your Memories and Comments

    I still haven't found a bulletin board script that is very easy to use and installs properly. In the meantime, I'm using a free service:

    Steve Davis Forum

    It doesn't require that you register as a user (though you have to register if you wnat to receive bulletins sent of from the web board).